All volunteers MUST thoroughly read their on-boarding packet and return a signed conduct agreement before beginning their first shift.
Odyssey is currently full for Session 1 (June 5th-June 16th). We are most in need of volunteers during Session 3 (July 5th-July 14th)

Odyssey requires this application form is completed in the presence of the student volunteer's parent or guardian *

I, the applicant, acknowledges the presence of my parent or guardian during the completion and submission of this 2017 application form to Odyssey. I understand that, as a minor, a guardian must acknowledge and understand certain legal agreements in order to attend Odyssey's summer program as a minor volunteer.
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Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Odyssey this summer. Please note that Odyssey will only accept applications from volunteers that can offer a dedicated 10-day schedule. This means you are available for AT LEAST 10 consecutive days EITHER in the morning or the afternoon. If you choose to volunteer more time with us, we will be happy to have you.

Will you be available to commit to a 10-day obligation during the weeks of June 5th-July 14th? (No classes held on July 4th). *

Great! Which two weeks will you be available?

(Schedules may be adjusted by emailing Carissa Engelbert at carissaengelbert@odysseyatlanta.org) *

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You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provide in this application. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL, WE DID NOT RECEIVE YOUR APPLICATION!
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Can you be reached at this number all day? (i.e. between 7AM and 6PM) *

Can you provide an explanation or provide a better form of contact in case of an emergency?

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Lastly, Odyssey would like some information on an additional contact that might be reached in the event of an emergency.

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Great! Tell us what we need to know...

We appreciate you taking the time to complete your basic information. The following information is required for participation in Odyssey's volunteer program.

As a dedicated volunteer for Odyssey, there are a certain number of requirements each volunteer must read, understand, and consent. Please read the following information carefully...

*Please note, reading Odyssey's Terms and Conditions is mandatory for each volunteer. Not reading the following, is not considered an excuse in the event this agreement is broken.
Consent to Use Films and Photographs *

I give permission for Odyssey to use films and photos of {{answer_41724194}} to promote Odyssey. This includes appearances in brochures, print advertisements, commercials, television news stories, newspaper, interviews, videos or documentaries, and other media.
Consent to Participate in Surveys & Data Collection

I understand surveys consist of answering questions about the Odyssey program, school, and behaviors.  Responses are confidential.  Completing surveys is not a requirement, but will provide me with the opportunity to give Odyssey feedback for improvement.
Acknowledgement of Communication Responsibility *

Accessing ANY social media sites is not allowed in the classroom.  Internet use on Odyssey equipment is supervised and mostly limited to research.  Personal phones, tablets, personal lap tops and other electronic devices are only to be used during free time and not to be offered to Odyssey students for use. Use during classroom time will result in immediate confiscation or dismissal. Volunteers are expected to be engaged in the program and therefore may not have out personal devices during classroom time or activities.
Personal Devices and Technology *

While each student has a right to bring their own electronic devices, it must be understood that Odyssey is not held responsible for loss, theft, or accidental destruction of said devices. Personal devices are solely the owner's responsibility and therefore should be utilized wisely.
Permission to Release Limited Contact Information *

I grant permission for {{answer_41724194}}'s name, address, phone number, & e-mail address to be included in a directory distributed to staff.  Odyssey never releases data to vendors or anyone not affiliated with the program.  This contact information is used for Odyssey emergency & communication purposes ONLY!
Thank you for reading Odyssey's Terms and Conditions. Next we need to discuss: Odyssey's Permission to Participate, Acknowledgement of Risk, Assumption of Risk, Release of Liability and Indemnification

Understand, that your agreement indicates that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions for participating in Odyssey, and is legally binding.
Acknowledgement of Risk: *

I understand that there are inherent risks and the potential for injury involved in volunteering for an intense summer academic enrichment program. These risks include, but are not limited to, falling, injury or illness, encounters with animals, other people, inclement weather, and other forces of nature.  I understand that although Odyssey has taken precautions to provide proper organization, supervision, instruction, and equipment for each activity, it is impossible to guarantee absolute safety.
Permission to Participate: *

I willingly give permission for my child ({{answer_41724194}}) to participate in all activities. I give permission for {{answer_41724194}} {{answer_41724195}} to participate in all aspects of field trips, overnight camp and/or overnight college tours. I give my permission to participate in spite of and with knowledge of the inherent risks.
Assumption of Risk: *

I agree that my child ({{answer_41724194}} {{answer_41724195}}) is responsible for following all rules and regulations established by Odyssey.  I understand that allowing {{answer_41724194}} to participate in this experience is purely voluntary.  I assume and accept full responsibility for {{answer_41724194}} and for injury and loss of personal property and expenses suffered by me or {{answer_41724194}} as a result of those inherent risks and dangers identified herein and those inherent risks and dangers not specifically identified, or injury or loss that results from {{answer_41724194}}’s negligence or otherwise wrongful conduct in participating in these activities.
Liability Release and Indemnity: *

As the parent or legal guardian of {{answer_41724194}} {{answer_41724195}} who is volunteering with Odyssey, I agree, to the fullest extent allowed by law, for myself and on behalf of the minor child, as follows:   a)    To release and discharge Odyssey, its agents, employees, trustees, officers, contractors and all other persons or entities associated with it (hereafter referred to individually and collectively as “Released Parties”) and its activities from any and all claims of injury or loss which this minor child may suffer, arising out of or in anyway related to his/her participation in the activities of Odyssey.  I understand that in signing this document I surrender all rights for myself and the minor child to make a claim or file a lawsuit against a Released Party except in cases of intentional wrongs or the gross negligence of the Odyssey.   b)     To defend and indemnify (that is, protect by payment or reimbursement, including  attorney’s fees and costs) any and all discharge Odyssey, its agents, employees, trustees, officers, contractors and all other persons or entities associated with it and its activities from any claim which may be brought by the minor child, a co-participant, rescuer or any other person, including a member of my or the minor child’s family, asserting a loss, including by reason of my, or the minor child’s injury or death, which may arise from or in anyway relate to the child’s participation in the activities of Odyssey including any claim arising out of or in anyway related to transportation or other occurrences to and from an activity or use of Odyssey equipment or facilities.
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Feel free to upload a pic for your database profile so that we know what you look like and can better identify you in Odyssey photos from field trips and activities!
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Ok, our last step is to read and acknowledge Odyssey's Code of Conduct.

Please keep in mind that each student is responsible for knowing and understanding this code and will be held responsible in their enforcement. Not reading the following is not considered an excuse in the event the Code of Conduct is broken.
General Rules & Behavior

Odyssey has relatively few rules throughout the program.  However, the few rules in place will be strictly enforced and have severe consequences if broken.  It is important that both parents and student volunteers realize that this is a rare and exceptional opportunity being offered and it does not end at the completion of the summer program.  Therefore volunteers should take the opportunity seriously & professionally.


Volunteers shall comply with all Odyssey & Westminster safety rules and common safety practices. 
These include but are not limited to:              
 - During working hours, and only with explicit instructions from superiors, volunteers are allowed in the pool, gymnasium, tennis courts, playgrounds or playing fields only during scheduled activity time and under supervision
-  Intentional destruction of property or vandalism of any kind is prohibited.                        
-  No Fighting-ZERO TOLERANCE-including cyber-bullying, constitutes immediate dismissal from program, without opportunity for future participation                        
-  Volunteers are asked to behave in an appropriate manner with appropriate language at all times.

II. Honesty
Dishonesty of any kind, including lying, cheating, stealing is a direct violation of our rules.  Volunteers are expected to tell the entire truth when asked about their involvement in any kind of offense, taking full responsibility for their own actions.

III. Respect for Self, Others and Community
Actions dangerous to the health, safety, or well-being of other persons, including the expression of racial, ethnic, religious, or gender related intolerance, or other forms of willful and malicious harassment; the infliction or threat of personal injury; hazing; the willful destruction of property constitutes a violation of our rules and can lead to immediate dismissal.  Disrespect of any kind to students, peers, teachers, faculty members or the general public will not be tolerated.  Odyssey maintains a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any form of bullying.

IV. Policy on Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment is not tolerated in Odyssey.  It is Odyssey’s policy that no member of the camp community, staff, or camper – may sexually harass another. This includes sexting, sending or sharing explicit photos, or any other form of cyberbullying. Such activities are serious crimes, and may lead to prosecution.   Sexual harassment is defined as inappropriate attention to an individual’s gender and “has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with [that individual’s] work or academic performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive atmosphere.”*

  *From the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission”

V. Drugs and Alcohol

Use, exchange, possession, or being under the influence of unauthorized drugs, including prescription drugs, marijuana, or alcohol is a direct violation of our rules and can lead to immediate dismissal from the program.   Volunteers in the company of someone using such substances, even if they themselves are not using them, are liable for disciplinary action.  Drug and alcohol paraphernalia, including clothing and any décor, are not allowed.

VI. Room/Cabin Visitation

During overnight programs like Camp Odyssey, unauthorized presence of a student in the room or cabin of the opposite sex is strictly forbidden.  All parties involved are in direct violation of our rules and appropriate disciplinary actions will take place.  This is a direct violation of our rules and will lead to immediate dismissal from the program. If a volunteer discovers such activities, they must immediately report it to their superior.
Jurisdiction *

VII. Odyssey Jurisdiction

Volunteers must remember that once the Odyssey day starts, they are under Odyssey jurisdiction.  This means that all Odyssey rules apply and volunteers must respect and follow all directions given to them by the staff.  Failure to do so is a violation of Odyssey rules and appropriate disciplinary action will take place. It is important to maintain a level of professionalism as to represent Odyssey in a productive light that will help to increase positive awareness to the community.

I. Public Behavior

 It is our goal to create a caring community at Odyssey.  Volunteers will assuredly create new and close friendships of both sexes.   While we encourage supportive friendly behavior there is a limit as to how friendly/close students should get.  If students are seen interacting in a manner that makes the students, staff, or other volunteers uncomfortable, they will be taken aside and notified of their actions.  This notification will serve as a warning.  If warned twice, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. Such behavior can put the program at risk & will not be tolerated. 

II.   Private Behavior

Odyssey has a strict policy in regards to private behavior.  At no time is any intimate sexual behavior acceptable or tolerated.  This type of behavior is illegal, and is grounds for immediate disciplinary actions and will lead to dismissal.
Sexting and Explicit use of Social Media *

"Sexting" is a crime. Students or volunteers caught engaging in this behavior can be charged criminally if there is a nude or partially nude photo of an attendee on another’s cell phone or computer. A student or volunteer can get in trouble for sending an explicit image of their peers to another individual or minor. Remember, once the photo is sent, it cannot be controlled and therefore can be shared with anyone or posted anywhere. It is an action that cannot be undone, with results that spread too rapidly to control; resulting in extraordinary consequences. Odyssey will not be held liable for such an occurrence and is unable to assist in repairing damages—physical, emotional, or otherwise.  

Photographing, recording, or videotaping of students, volunteers, or other persons in any state of undress may constitute a violation of federal law. Any violation will result in serious disciplinary consequences, up to and including expulsion from the program, & notification to your school. All participants and affiliates of Odyssey must agree to and understand that Odyssey does not and cannot assume responsibility for content posted on social media or other media accounts. Odyssey is not liable for media content, posts, or other online actions that an attendee posts.  We highly recommend disengaging from these activities while at Odyssey.

I/we understand that Odyssey and its employees, chaperons, interns, volunteers, and other staff members--including the staff of The Westminster Schools assumes no responsibility or liability for the theft, loss, damage, or internal content to a cellular telephone or other PED, nor will they assume responsibility for the unauthorized use of said device(s). PEDs are the sole and lone responsibility of the owner--including content stored on the device.

I. Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Use of Tobacco, even if you are of-age, is strictly forbidden. Failure to comply with this rule will result in appropriate disciplinary action and notification of the appropriate law enforcement agency. If a volunteer discovers a student is in possession of such products, they are required to notify a superior immediately.

II.Weapons, Fireworks and Fire
At no time should a student possess any type of weapon while at Odyssey.  A weapon is defined as any object that could be construed as harmful to oneself or others.  Any weapon found will be immediately confiscated and appropriate disciplinary and legal action will be taken. If a volunteer discovers a student is in possession of such devices, they are required to notify a superior immediately.   No fireworks of any kind are allowed at Odyssey.  Students using fireworks or any form of fire are endangering the safety of others.  No flammable materials, including lighters and matches may be lit in any classroom area unless in the course of a camp activity and under direct supervision. If a volunteer discovers a student is in possession of such devices, they are required to notify a superior immediately.
III. Gymnasium, Pool, Playing Fields, Playgrounds.                  
Recreation & Athletic areas while working for Odyssey may be used only at designated hours and when there is a supervisor present.  Furthermore all students must pass the basic swim test prior to using the swimming pool at Camp Odyssey overnights. It is part of a volunteer’s responsibility to comply with these rules and also to ensure they are being reinforced toward the students.

-Appropriate Odyssey attire is a T-shirt, jeans/pants.  Alterations to T-shirts are unacceptable.  Mid sections must be covered, shoulders should be covered (i.e.-no tube-tops), and modest shorts (no exposure of top or bottom of one’s posterior). If your pockets are longer than your shorts, you might want to consider more appropriate summer wear. Dresses/skirts are acceptable to an appropriate length, preferably just above the knee or longer. Tip: "Toe Touch" If you're bearing it all when you bend over to touch your toes, please change your dress/skirt.

-Attire should NEVER display illegal activities or inappropriate language. A volunteer will be asked to change if such violations occur. Odyssey t-shirts are to be worn on field trips for easy identification of our group.

-No visible undergarments.  Acceptable swimwear is a one piece swimsuit for females and trunks/shorts for males.

-Appropriate head gear of Odyssey is an appropriate hat.  No bandanas please.  Hairstyles should be neat and well groomed.  Scarves, particularly for religious purposes, are acceptable.

Boundaries -    
Overnight boundaries – Students are not allowed to leave the designated premises during overnight programs unless accompanied by an authorized staff member with permission from the Director.  
After lights out (10:00 PM) – students may not leave their room or cabin areas with the exception of an emergency.        

Room Cleanliness -
Classrooms are expected to be kept generally clean for reasons of fire and health standard as well as to promote individual & group responsibility. It is important for volunteers to hold this ideal, as well as to encourage it in Odyssey students.                 

Furniture -         
No moving or dismantling of furniture is allowed at any time unless otherwise explicitly directed by a superior. -         
Students may not borrow or remove furniture from other areas at camp unless special permission is granted from the Directors.

You may have noticed that you were not asked to indicate which shifts you'd like to work this summer. Odyssey will email on or before April 28th to confirm your schedule. The first 2-week session of Odyssey fills quickly (June 5th-June 16th). Schedules will be first-come first-serve. Shifts are from 8:20AM-12:30PM and 12:30PM-4:45/5:00PM. Both shifts are welcome to lunch. Volunteers can and are encouraged to volunteer the entire day.

Your confirmation email will include a link to sign up for your shift.
Please email questions to Carissa Engelbert at:
**schedules/shifts are first come first serve
One final housekeeping note before you go:

Odyssey cannot guarantee breaks for volunteer staff. Please note that breaks are not usually required for paid staff unless they have worked 4 or more hours. Volunteering to work the entire day may, in many cases, mean we will need you from 8:00-5:00PM. Please do not make this commitment if you do not feel it is doable. You are welcome to inform an instructor or connect with Ann Tedesco if you feel you require a break, but Odyssey will not designate break times for volunteers. All Odyssey staff works for the entirety of the day throughout the whole program: 7:30AM-5:30PM. They rely on your support to ensure each scholar receives the care and attention they deserve. We recognize this is a demanding ask. It can be a challenge, but we think you will find it very rewarding. Your scholars will look up to you to set a good example. Please be the role model you'd expect to see.

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Thank you for submitting your Student Volunteer Application for Odyssey 2017! We guarantee an exciting summer filled with inspirational moments!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at: (404)367-5150 or send an email at: carissaengelbert@odysseyatlanta.org
 Contact name:  Carissa Engelbert
Thank you!