Application must be completed and submitted by Feb. 8th, 2017. Only confirmed applicants will be asked to submit a $35.00 registration fee.
Applicants may contact the office with any questions. Your inquiry will not affect your standing in the selection process.
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The application deadline has passed. Odyssey will wait-list any additional applications received. EXCEPTION- given to Rising Senior (R12th) applications.

Please give yourself 30-40 minutes to complete this application. Completing the essay beforehand is recommended so it is easy to copy and paste and save you time.
Once an application has been started, it cannot be saved. Applications must be completed in one sitting and submitted in order for it to be recorded in our system. In providing your email address, we will email you a confirmation of its receipt. Please keep this email for your records, as it is the easiest way to track your application.

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{{answer_34548094}}, so nice to meet you! Besides all the fun you'll have, why do you want to be selected to participate in the Odyssey program?

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I understand that a $35 registration fee is required with my registration for Odyssey— cash; money order; debit or credit card; or check. I understand that my registration fee is non-refundable. I understand that I will not be asked to submit this payment until my placement in Odyssey 2017 is confirmed by Odyssey's office administration.
I understand that Odyssey is willing to work with me in the event of financial difficulty, and that Odyssey will always try to ensure financial status does not affect an applicant's ability to participate. I understand that I must contact the office in the event of financial difficulty, and I may be asked to complete a financial hardship form. I understand that financial hardship forms must be reviewed and accepted by Odyssey's administrative staff and options will be discussed at this time.
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Odyssey participants will enroll in their "rising" grade levels. What grade level will {{answer_34548094}} be in during the 2017-2018 school year? *

Students apply to Odyssey as their grade level the following fall.

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Are you currently enrolled in Accelerated, Advanced Placement courses?  If so, in which subject areas?  Are you enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program? *

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FYI: Odyssey does not necessarily select applicants based upon advanced/gifted placement classes.
Will the student be attending {{answer_34548100}} during the 2017-2018 school year as well?

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{{answer_34548094}}, what is your preferred racial/ethnic identification?

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Student Agreement *

I, {{answer_34548094}} {{answer_34548095}}, am genuinely interested in being selected to participate in Odyssey 2017. If Odyssey gives me this opportunity, I understand that I am required to attend a 6 week (5 weeks for Odyssey High) intense academic summer program beginning June 5, 2017. I understand that I can only be absent three days each summer to remain active in the program. I understand that tardies and early pick up will effect my attendance status. I understand the the participation and completion of my work is vital to my good standing in the program and failure to participate in class may effect my ability to return or participate in field trips or college tours.
Odyssey understands that applicants may be applying to several summer programs or have other opportunities arise as they plan for their summer. However, in the event that you are accepted into another program that conflicts with Odyssey's dates, we ask that you make the decision that is right for you and notify the office right away. *

Respect: There are over 20,000 students in the Atlanta Public school system alone that qualify for Odyssey. Out of respect for your peers, we ask that you notify us in the event you decide to not accept your invitation to attend in a timely manner so as to allow your fellow peers and students the opportunity to participate. Please treat others with the respect you expect.
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What is the guardian's relationship to the student? *

What is your current street address?
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*Please ensure Odyssey has the most accurate mailing address. If you foresee this address changing in the near-future, consider leaving a more reliable address.
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What is your zip code? *

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Odyssey is required to have a residential address on file. Please provide your current residential address. We will be sure to use {{answer_34548105}} as your mailing address, as you have indicated.

*Ensure your answer includes: street address, city, and zip code
How long have you been at this address: {{answer_34548105}}?

What is the BEST phone number to reach you at? *

*Please keep in mind that this number will be used for emergencies, as well as informing you of Odyssey updates.
Can you be reached at this number all day? (i.e. between 7AM and 6PM) *

Can you provide an explanation or provide a better form of contact in case of an emergency?

Please provide an additional phone number in case Odyssey needs to reach you: *

Odyssey relies heavily on our amazing donors and sponsors. We invite you to please complete the following. By doing so, you'll help Odyssey grow and help us reach out to more amazing students!

If applicable, what is your current GPA?

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Submission of most-recent report card *

I understand that a recent report card must be submitted to Odyssey to be considered for the program. Report cards need to be submitted by the deadline and be from the current school year. Odyssey only asks for the most recent report card at the time of submission. Odyssey prefers report cards are uploaded directly into the application to ensure your application remains as complete and organized as possible.
It is prefered that you upload your report card directly into your application *

This application will allow you to upload a digital or scanned copy of your report card. Please note nearly every digital file is accepted. Odyssey does not accept external links or website links and this may result in the denial of your application.
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No problem, please email your report card to: carissaengelbert@odysseyatlanta.org.
You may also mail your report card to:
1424 W. Paces Ferry Rd. NW
Atlanta, GA 30327

*Please note, supporting documents sent without proper identifiers will not be accepted. Please send a document with applicant's full name and rising grade level.
Total number of individuals in current Household:

Did {{answer_34548094}}'s parent or guardian graduate from college with a Bachelor's degree or higher?

Does {{answer_34548094}}, qualify for free or reduced school lunches?

Does your entire school ({{answer_34548100}}) qualify or participate in the free and reduced lunch program? *

Total Annual Gross Household Income:

Georgia's Department of Housing and Urban Development has reported the Very Low-Income limit for 4 persons in the metro Atlanta area is just over $34,000. Does this apply to your household?* *

Your information is NEVER shared
Georgia's Department of Housing and Urban Development has reported the Low-Income limit for 4 persons in the metro Atlanta area is roughly $54,550 annually. Does this apply to your household? *

Your information is NEVER shared
Lastly, Odyssey would like some information on an additional contact that might be reached in the event of an emergency.

Please ensure that this individual can be reached at a different phone number, other than the one that was provided above. (i.e. different from: {{answer_34548107}} or  {{answer_34548109}})
First and Last name of additional contact: *

What is {{answer_34548112}}'s relationship to {{answer_34548094}}? *

Please provide the BEST phone number in which {{answer_34548112}} can be reached *

Would {{answer_34548112}}, like to provide an email address for emergency purposes, or to otherwise stay informed?

Are there any additional notes, numbers, or contact information that you would like to add to {{answer_34548094}}'s file?

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Parent/Guardian Support

I, the parent or guardian of: {{answer_34548094}} {{answer_34548095}}, understand that Odyssey is an intense summer academic enrichment program.  Odyssey elementary is six weeks in length. If my child misses more than 3 days for any reason, they will not be allowed to complete the program, and may risk participation in subsequent years. A $35 non-refundable registration fee is required upon selection.  All food, transportation, overnight lodging, field trips and instruction are provided at no cost to the families.  We estimate this value at more than $2,800 per student per summer.
We appreciate you taking the time to complete your basic information. The following information is required for participation in Odyssey's program.

Mandatory Attendance-3-Day Policy *

I understand that Odyssey is an intense summer program where a large amount of material is covered each day. {{answer_34548094}} may miss up to three (3) total days during the summer. Students missing more than three days will be withdrawn for the summer and jeopardize future Odyssey participation. Students who miss more than three (3) days are not guaranteed a spot in subsequent Odyssey summer programs.
We ♥ selfies

Odyssey's teachers and volunteers like to make your first day as awesome as your last! Upload a pic so we know what you look like and can better identify you in Odyssey photos from field trips and activities!
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Have you ever been suspended (in or out of school suspension) for behavioral issues? *

Please provide a brief explanation as to your suspension. *

This information is never shared.
Remember, applications are not considered complete and may not be considered until they have been submitted with the applicant's most recent report card and Student Recommendation Form *

New Student Recommendation Forms can be found on Odyssey's website.


How did you hear about Odyssey?

You mentioned you heard about us via "Word of Mouth." Do you know their name?

You mentioned you heard about Odyssey through a "Current Odyssey Family." Which family told you about us?

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Thank you for submitting your New Student Application for Middle & High School Students to Odyssey! We're so excited to review what you've submitted. An email has been sent to the primary email provided in this application.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at: (404)367-5150 or send an email at: carissaengelbert@odysseyatlanta.org
 Contact name:  Carissa Engelbert

Odyssey 2017 Dates:
June 5th-July 14th (July 7th for Odyssey High)
Thank you!