New Scholar Recommendation Form
What is Odyssey?

Odyssey is a demanding 5-6 week summer academic enrichment program for students with high potential that lack resources. It is designed to help a promising young person achieve their fullest potential academically and beyond. Odyssey prevents the "summer slide" and provides top-notch academic enrichment to low-income Atlanta-based students grades 1-12.

Odyssey is not designed as an intervention for youth who are having difficulty performing or coping in a traditional school environment. Before recommending any student, please review the Odyssey program at Please consider if this youth will be successful in a program of this structure and intensity.
Helpful Hints: Please note this form must be completed all at once. We do not expect this survey to take longer than 15-25 minutes. 

If you are having difficulties with this form, or need to contact our Odyssey office, please call: (404) 367-5150. Contact name: Carissa Engelbert

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Key Success Indicators

The below expresses an ideal Odyssey student. Please understand that these indicators reflect characteristics in students that are most likely to succeed in our program. As you complete the remaining form, please keep the following in mind:

"High Potential" students are indicated through:
-Academic potential ( Ideally a “B” student)
-Appropriate interactions with adults and other youth
-Maturity & mental readiness
- Active in clubs and/or extracurricular activities
-The ability to dedicate 6 weeks (5 weeks for Odyssey High) to a fast-paced summer learning program without potential for burnout.
-A passion for learning and/or leadership

Odyssey gives priority to students who need support. Indicators include:
- Financial inability to participate in program like Odyssey on their own
- Lacks community resources for success
-Qualify for free or reduced school lunch
-Student would be first generation university scholar
What qualities does the student possess that make him/her a good candidate for Odyssey? Please share a specific time that you have seen these qualities demonstrated.

Please list any awards, honors or accomplishments of which you are aware of the student receiving.

Please list any contributions or leadership roles that {{answer_36204230}} has taken in their community or school.

This applicant has provided good and well-intentioned insight while in my care or in my classroom. This applicant interacts well with their peers, respects adults, and encourages enthusiasm for learning and participation. *

Cooperation: *

Good team member; works well with peers; accepts direction & listens to instructions; sense of fairness.
Communication Skills: *

Listens & speaks well; expresses thoughts clearly; participates in discussions; insightful.
Relationships with Peers:

Relates well to males and females; accepts differences in opinion, style, & appearance.
Judgment: *

Makes good decisions; thinks things through; understands how his/her actions impact others.
Dependability: *

Accepts responsibility; follows through with commitments; arrives on-time and when expected; trustworthy.

Respect for people and things; optimistic; manageable even when having a “bad” day; open to new things.
Relationships with Adults:

Respects authority; seeks assistance as needed; honest; open to feedback.

Manages emotions well; appropriate sense of humor; use of language; can focus on tasks at hand; non-disruptive.
Mandatory Attendance: 3-Day Policy
Odyssey is an intense summer program where a large amount of material is covered each day.

Students may miss up to three (3) total days during the summer. Students missing more than three days will be withdrawn for the summer and jeopardize future Odyssey participation. 

In the following slides, please keep the above in mind. Will the student and the student's family be dedicated to a program like Odyssey and the level of participation it requires to succeed?
Leadership Skills:

Expresses opinions diplomatically; able to provide positive direction & motivate others.
This student enjoys learning and values education *

This student is prepared to participate in an intense 5-6 week summer academic enrichment program. *

This student is prepared to manage the physical and mental demands of Odyssey *

Do you believe this student will take Odyssey seriously? *

Do you believe this student will make Odyssey a priority? *

Do you believe, {{answer_36204230}}’s family will be supportive of his/her involvement. *

When compared to hundreds of nominees, this student is a deserving candidate *

Additional information or input you feel is important or necessary

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Verification of Information and Accuracy

Do you   {{answer_36204227}}  confirm that the information being submitted is an accurate representation of {{answer_36204230}}; and verify it is true to the best of your knowledge?
Thank you for completing the Odyssey 2017 Recommendation Form. New Student applicants will be informed of acceptance on or before March 31st, 2017.

We appreciate your dedication in advancing young people's lives.
Thank you